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It always starts with a vision

The journey to the digital workplace starts with a vision of the final destination our hero needs to reach. While this might seem obvious in a literal journey, in a digital one, this can often be vague, undefined and different people within the same organisation can have different views on what this destination looks like. In here, at the beginning of your journey, we offer you a map which will help you define your destination, how to get there and milestones to achieve.
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Our unwitting hero sets out

A starting point for your digital workplace roadmap, this report will help you define “what” success looks like, not “where”. It will then drive home the importance of the human factor, figure out why you even need to undertake this journey, map out your journey (including tools), and choose your travelling companions (your allies). Delve into the report and get started on your exciting journey to a digital workplace.
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IT hero or zero

Bringing you a roundup of opinions on achieving a digital workplace, this short video offers insights from people who are at different stages of this journey – some who are just starting, some who have implemented successfully, and others who haven’t decided yet. Wherever you are in the journey, you should be able to find something of relevance and inspiration to you.
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Where are we right now?

This special report produced by NTT Communications and Arkadin focuses on digital transformation and how you – as an IT decision maker – can help your organisation on its journey to modernisation and future success. This features a vibrant mix of theory, real-world insight, practical advice and guidance.
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Listen to insights from two experts who have guided multiple organisations on their journey to the digital workplace –Earl Talbot and Helen Lancaster who are evangelical about Unified Communications.

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